Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cerritos Senior Health Fair a Success With Residents

By Larry Caballero

Hundreds of Cerritos seniors swarmed the Senior Health, Safety and Information Fair sponsored by the Cerritos Senior Center for a continental breakfast, flu shots, and the opportunity to talk with 84 vendors from local companies who were more than happy to promote their businesses or services.
The California Public Utilities Commission representative explained the Ten Tips for Buying Cell Phone Service; a five-minute hearing test was offered by the Parker Hearing Institute and Sonus Hearing Care Centers; and health benefits were explained by representatives from AARP, CALMA, Haven HealthCare, Independent Living Home Health Care, and MCS, Inc.##M:[more]##
The Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services, the Social Security Administration, California Public Utilities Commission, and the city of Cerritos explained its programs and services; Department of Public Health explained STD Facts; Legal Aid Society of Orange County shared its Senior Citizens Legal Advocacy Program; United States Census 2010 answered what happens next after applying for a 2010 Census job; and the DMV distributed a Senior Guide for Safe Driving.
Need a good laugh�sign up for the Humor Class offered by the Senior Center every Wednesday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Want to know your blood oxygen content�the Talbert Medical Group was there to serve you. Normal range is 93-98%. This writer�s reading was 98%. Need to control your temper�Behavioral Health Services was available with some helpful tips:
� Recognize your anger and reason with yourself
� Do not displace your anger
� Be Particular about the battle you choose
SmartRateDirect was ready to provide a reverse mortgage so seniors can �enjoy a more comfortable retirement in your own home.� Edward Jones Investments was ready to meet your financial planning needs and the Asian Pacific American Legal Center will help you to improve human and race relations through mediation and conflict resolutions.
If you want to exercise more and reduce back and shoulder pain, check out the Longevity Stick Exercise class at the Senior Center every Wednesday and Friday morning at 9:00 am, or sign up for the 2009 Senior Golf Quarterly Tournament on November 5 at the Cerritos Iron-Wood Nine golf Course.
To prepare for another journey in life, Pathway Volunteer Hospice will provide bereavement services, and Pierce Brothers and Rose Hills Memorial Parks provide funeral services.
No question was left unanswered, and all the seniors who attended left with lots of goodies besides brochures and leaflets. Need a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste�you should have been at the senior fair�s Smile Finders booth. If you had stopped by the Department of Public Health�s exhibit, you would have walked away with your own �love gloves� to promote STD Awareness.
Overall, seniors walked away better informed and more aware of the services and products available to them by local distributors and were looking forward to coming back next year.

ABC Breaks Through API Score Goal

By Jerry Bernstein

In a burst of scholastic energy the ABC Unified School District broke through the state�s API [Academic Performance Index] goal of 800 with a score of 814. Leading the way was Whitney High School with a score of 985 points.
Superintendent Gary Smuts said this was the first time the District had breached the 800 goal. He said some of the school scores were �even more amazing� than the District�s overall rating. The school with the highest gain in the District with 40 points was Carver Elementary School with a total score of 817. Artesia High School�s Special Education Students increased their average by 80 points, English Language writers by 63 points with an overall school average of 38 points for a total of 710.##M:[more]##
District elementary schools also showed gains with Carmenita increasing its score by 38 points for a total of 719. Elliott 32 points for a total of 843, Niemes 30 points for a total of 719, and Palms 36 points for a total of 758. He said these were the highest points achieved.
The District�s overall score of 814 compares with the state average of 759. A breakdown of the different areas show the following: ABC English Language Score 61.56 compared to the state core of 52.4; Math, 65.5 compared to 54.5; and Graduation 90.6 compared to 80.
Overall 87 percent of Non-Alternative ABC schools have met their API growth targets, 14 schools have exceeded the state�s API growth target of 800, five of the district�s seven Program Improvement Schools exceeded their growth targets, while 16 schools showed double digit growth in their API scores. These include Aloha, 19; Juarez. 21; Bragg, 13; Cerritos Elementary, 16; Carver, 40; Melbourne, 22; Hawaiian, 33; Gonsalves, 14; Niemes, 30; Palms, 26; Elliot, 32.; Carmentia, 38; Ross, 30; Artesia 38; Cerritos High, 16 and Gahr, 11.

Seven 'Gang Members' Taken Off Hawaiian Gardens Injunction List As Sheriff Meets With Members of the Community

By Jerry Bernstein

Seven names have been taken off the Gang Injunction list in Hawaiian Gardens following meetings the past two months between Sheriff Lee Baca and Way Out Ministry Pastor Barry Bruce and his wife.
In a report to the Hawaiian Gardens City Council at its Oct. 12 meeting, Sheriff Baca said he and his people have met with the Pastor five times to resolve issues growing out of the gang sweeps last spring, and they plan to continue the meetings. He said what is important is the results from the meetings.
Lakewood Sheriff Station Captain Christy Guyovich said the seven Hawaiian Gardens residents have been taken off the Gang Injunction list and it is now believed the seven are trying to get out of the gangs and no longer have to be listed under the injunction. ##M:[more]##
Baca said if it had not been for the Pastor�s wife, this would not have been accomplished. He thanked her for her efforts in resolving this particular matter. Both Pastor Bruce and his wife were in the audience.
�As we move forward, there is no question that Hawaiian Gardens is a safer city,� stated Baca, � and at the same time we realize the injunction has been dramatic for a lot of people. Our ultimate goal is for everyone to get off of the injunction. it�s the idea that with people involved in gangs and who are involved in crime. This is not acceptable in the City of Hawaiian Gardens.� He said an individual can make a choice. They can go along with the gangs, and while they live in Hawaiian Gardens, they can go outside the city and commit a crime. That�s not acceptable. �The choice is there, and that�s really the point of all this� he said.
Baca said no one wants to be on the injunction the rest of his or her lives. He said one gentleman was wrongfully put on the injunction list from past membership. He left the gang and the city and years later moved back to Hawaiian Gardens. He had all the tattoos. He had everything except one thing. He hadn�t committed a crime in over 25-to-30 years. He had gotten married and had a family. He became educated and was doing the right thing. He�s trying to continue peacefully with his own private life. These are the things we have to resolve.
�Hawaiian Gardens and other cities deserve to be gang free and I think the intervention program we will be doing for those who are on the injunction that are associates of gang members will be very helpful, and I believe the pastor will work with us on that. He said the Council has a consultant working on this matter. He said they have a meeting coming up shortly and have a lot more work to do. He said the key is if anyone has any concerns the sheriff department will respond whatever the complaint is. He concluded by saying, �We will try to resolve all of them.�
He said what we are trying to do is help our youth who do not have to be brought up as gang members. We want to make the city as crime free as possible. �We know no one is perfect, including me.�

Artesia Celebrates 50th Anniversary With a Parade Down Pioneer Boulevard

By Jerry Bernstein

They gathered along the sidewalks abutting Pioneer Boulevard. Some with chairs, others sitting on the curb, and still others were standing. It was 8:30 a.m. The sky was overcast.
This writer was standing on the corner of 183rd Street and Pioneer Boulevard. Suddenly there was a roar and the Artesia P.M. Riders on their motorcycles appeared, headed by Councilman John Martins. The parade had started.
A welcome banner and the Long Beach Mountain Police followed the Riders. The Artesia DES Band was the first of 11 bands in the parade. They included the Artesia High School Band, Valley High School, Norwalk High, Dana Middle School, Mayfair High School, Villa Park High School, Centennial High School, Gahr High School and Ross Middle School, Rancho La Laguna, and Colegio De Bachilleres.
There were three Grand Marshals presiding over the parade.. They were former Artesia Mayor Gretchen Whitney, Artesia’s Oldest Resident Bill Walker, and Education Grand Marshall former ABC Principal George Dominguez.##m:[more]##
The parade lasted approximately 90 minutes, ending shortly after the overcast disappeared and the sun came out to see what was going on. Miss Artesia and her Court rode by, waving to the crowd, followed by former City Councilmember and current State Assemblyman Tony Mendoza, Mayor Tony Lima, Mayor Pro Tem Victor Manalo, Councilmembers Sally Flowers and Larry Nelson. The latter was riding on top of a Wells Fargo stagecoach reminiscent of the “Old West.”
Others in the parade included Equestrians from Rancho La Laguna, NORTH High School Jr. ROTC, Ride Your Horse Therapeutic Riding Club, Johnny High Steppers Drille & Drum Squad, Prescott Hardware and Sheet Metal Works, California Twirling Institute, Coast Guard Station/Long Beach,
California Wave Hockey Club, Ganesha High School Jr. ROTC, Artesia Park Pre-School, Charros De La Puente, and Reflections Car Club Southern California and a float by the Artesia Portuguese Community. All together there was more than 200 entrants in the parade.
It was a long parade, but this writer did not see or hear one complaint from those lining Pioneer Boulevard. Everyone was smiling and appeared to have had a good time. A few commenting, “We should do this more often.”

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rep. Linda Sánchez Recognizes Local Students for Service as Interns

Two were from Cerritos.

Washington, DC – Rep. Linda Sánchez commended the work of four local students who spent time interning in her Congressional Office in Cerritos this summer. The following interns worked with Sánchez’ staff to provide important constituent services:
·Ashley Ramos, Whittier College student
·Nancy Negrete, Firebaugh High School student
·Tiffany Ho, Cerritos High School student
·Nicole Osako, incoming freshman at the University of California, Irvine and recent Cerritos High School graduate

“Our summer interns – Ashley, Nancy, Tiffany, and Nicole – truly made a difference for their community by helping out the residents of the 39th Congressional District,” said Rep. Linda Sánchez. “It is inspiring to see a group of young women choosing public service. I look forward to seeing these rising stars go on to accomplish great things.”
Rep. Sánchez’ internship program provides local students with the chance to learn more about government and develop leadership skills that will serve them well wherever they go in life. Interns help plan district events, contribute to casework and grant development and conduct general office management.
Ashley Ramos, a student at Whittier College said, “This was a rewarding experience to learn about the Congresswoman’s work in such a great learning environment. It is difficult to please everyone but Congresswoman Sánchez makes a tremendous effort to make her decisions beneficial for her constituents.”
Nancy Negrete, a senior at Firebaugh High School in Lynwood said, “This internship gave me the ability to learn and investigate core issues, and to learn how legislation has an impact on our everyday lives. Working for Congresswoman Sánchez was an incredible experience that gave me a strong sense of personal involvement in legislation and politics.”

Tiffany Ho, a student at Cerritos High School said, “At the age of 15, I never would have expected to be exposed to politics. Given that healthcare is such a prominent issue today, interning with Congresswoman Sánchez has been a valuable opportunity that allowed me to meet with key leaders in today’s society.”
Recent Cerritos High School graduate Nicole Osako said, “The most rewarding part of this internship was being able to help constituents with their problems and concerns. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you had a hand in solving the problems of people in your community. I feel I have gained an even stronger passion for public service.” This fall, Nicole will be an incoming freshman at the University of California, Irvine.
Fall, spring and summer internships are available in Rep. Linda Sánchez’ offices in Cerritos, CA and Washington, DC. To learn more about internships, including deadlines and application information, visit the internship section of Rep. Sánchez’ website at .

Supervisor Knabe Warns of More Program Cuts in Talk Before Cerritos Optimist Club

By Jerry Bernstein

Supervisor Don Knabe said Los Angeles County has lost a total of $800 million in revenue due to a combination of budget cuts in Sacramento and the recession resulting in a drop in property taxes which are three percent lower than normal. . “The Board of Supervisors saw it coming,” he said, “and established a raining day fund to meet the projected shortfall. However, the fund is slowly being depleted as County needs are met.”
“We have a $24 billion budget. All but 10 percent is mandated. When state cuts back on money to local government [county] we have to come up with the funds to the programs can continue. He noted fdederal stimulus money will expire in October 2010. The problem is much of it is still in Washington D.C. and what money is allotted can only be used for jobs
Knabe stated said, “We’ve cut back five percent in every county department.” He predicted this fall will see dramatic reductions in programs. He described what is going on in Sacramento as being irresponsible. It’s non-partisan. They just can put their arms around it. “What the legislature is doing is approving five month budgets.” He said one of the things wrong, is they’re not talking to one another and if they are, they are not listening to what is being said.

Dr. Shin Liu Announces Candidacy for Cerritos College Board

By Jerry Bernstein

Rio Hondo Community College Professor Dr. Shin Liu celebrated her candidacy for the Cerritos College Board Sept. 10 at the Ten Ten Seafood Restaurant in Artesia with supporters that included ABC School Board Member Sophia Tse, Cerritos City Council Members Laura Lee and Carol Chen and former Cerritos Mayor Grace Hu.
Cerritos College Faculty Federation President Ted Stolze said that he was delighted to endorse Dr. Liu’s candidacy. “ As a professor. She understands the crucial issues facing California higher education and community colleges today. Moreover, she is an active union member at Rio Hondo College and enjoys open and candid conversations with their board members—quite unlike the steadfast refusal by Cerritos College Board members to work together with me and other campus union leaders so that we can more easily get through this time of economic turmoil.”
Chen said that she is impressed with Liu for her expertise in teaching Distance Learners on-line. “The college had to turn away 3,000 students—perhaps on-line courses can be a viable option to meet student and community needs.”
Lee appreciated Liu’s passion for education. “We have a big Asian population in this area, and not all Asian students will be attending four-year colleges or universities. Liu can help parents understand that community college is an option and can be a good bridge between the parents and the college. She can help in bringing community colleges to another level to benefit all students.”
Tse felt the first time she met Liu that she was a caring person who was dedicated to her students. “She’s an educator who cares about her students.”